What Can A Home Staging Professional Do For You?

Home staging involves having a professional come into your home and magically transform it into a home that seems to have stepped off the pages of a high-end nesting catalog site. If you are trying to sell your home and have not heard of staging, learn more by reading below.

What Does Staging Do for Your Home?

With almost all homes listed on the web, photos matter a lot. Unfortunately, buyers may not be interested in finding out more about a home if the photos don't wow them. The level of staging you need will affect the price. Take these examples of staging:

Place Furniture

A lot can be done to make crowded rooms look larger. Large, heavy pieces in medium-sized rooms are traded for sleeker, scaled-down pieces. The purpose of the room should not confuse buyers. That means that a computer desk in the corner of the dining room must go somewhere else.

Remove Extraneous Items

Non-personalized rooms sell better since many buyers are not as interested in your trip to Scotland or your golfing trophies as you might be. Decluttering rooms opens them up and lets buyers mentally place their own photographs and mementos in the same space.

Introduce Aromatherapy

Odors are bad, everyone knows that, but buyers also respond positively to pleasant aromas like cookies, flowers, spices, and more. Your stager will use reed diffusers and more to make buyers feel as if they have finally stepped into their own, new home.

Work With What You Have

You can have new (borrowed) furniture and accessories brought in, but the stager will probably work with what you have too. Nice pieces of furniture may stay along with throws, pillows, artwork, vases, and more that provide a welcoming touch.

Add Furniture

If your things are old and tired or already out of the home, stagers can access a full complement of furnishings to make the best of your home's features. Even when buyers know that they are buying the house without the furniture, staging can make your home look updated and allow your buyer to buy into the idea that they can have a home just like the staged home.

Add Space and Light

It's easy to make rooms look larger: just add light. This can be done using mirrors, windows, and strategically placed accent lighting.

Speak to a home staging service about what they do for your home before you put it on the market.