5 Ways to Include Your Pets in Custom Home Design

As you design your new custom home, have you considered the interests of the entire family? Including your beloved four-legged fur babies? While you're adding features to make the space better for your human family members, why not add some things for your pets? Here are a few ideas to consider.

1. Pet Washing Stations.

The laundry room or back entryway is the perfect place to create a pet washing and care station. Add a doggy shower, storage for towels and bathing products, a counter for quick cleanups, and hooks or organization for various pet supplies. You'll love the added convenience of it all, your pets will stay healthier, and your house will stay cleaner. 

2. Tall Cat Runs.

Cats love to climb and relax on tall structures. You may have noticed yours climbing up onto unwanted areas like the tops of cabinets, onto counters, or up doors. Instead of getting mad at them for being cats, add intentional pieces that facilitate cats playing up high. This could include floating shelves, connected shelving, space above the kitchen cabinets, and even cut-through holes between rooms. 

3. Privacy Nooks.

Do your pets enjoy their privacy when doing certain things? Most cats like privacy while using their litter box, so consider building a dedicated cabinet or nook where they can do their business in private. And many cats and dogs actually prefer to sleep by themselves. Look for places they like to hang out or snooze and create a little strategic privacy for them. 

4. Pet-Safe Environments.

As you plan your entire property, make sure you use only pet-safe plants and materials. Learn about common dangers to animals from toxic plants, inedible flowers, thorns, sap, and manmade chemicals. Then, design an outdoor entertainment area and yard that includes features pets love, such as comfortable ramps. nooks to protect them from the weather, and ways for them to see what goes on beyond the fence line. 

5. Catios.

A catio is an outdoor exercise and play area that is completely enclosed by mesh or another breathable material. It can generally be accessed by cats (and dogs if you wish) at their leisure, and it may extend as far into the yard or around the house as you want. Catios allow pets quality time outside without the risks associated with being free-roaming. 

Want more ideas for customizing your pet's experience in their new home? Start by meeting with a custom home designer or interior designer with experience integrating pet features. Both you and your four-legged friends will be happier for it.