2 Easy Ways To Adapt Current Interior Design Trends To Suit Your Home

The world of interior design is very similar to the fashion world in many ways. Like fashion, interior design has its passing trends that change from year to year and from season to season. It's also like the fashion industry in the way that the big, flamboyant looks from glossy interior magazines are adapted and adopted by designers in a way that will work in real homes.

The over-the-top, and sometimes absurd, creations that grace the catwalks of Paris, New York, and Milan, are pared down to create a style that suits everyday people. Likewise, the intensely styled and immaculate interiors that showcase new looks are generally modified in order to create functional, yet beautiful, homes.

If you'd like to give your home a fresh, contemporary look that still looks and feels comfortable, then here are two ways that you can adopt current interior design trends without making your home feel like a showroom.

1. Add a feature wall

Paint color palettes are an element of interior design that can see rapid and dramatic changes from year to year. It's natural to want to keep your palette trendy, but it isn't realistic or affordable to repaint your interior every year. Instead, you can add some contemporary color on a smaller scale by painting a single feature wall.

Feature walls are quick and easy to have completed, and they don't require an enormous amount of paint. They also provide you with a way to explore modern colors without feeling overwhelmed. This is particularly pertinent when you think about current paint trends, such as matte black or bright coral, which are less intense if they're only used on a single wall.

2. Add new soft furnishings

Updating your soft furnishings is another great way to add some modern flair to your home. They may not be the largest features in a room, but they can give a whole new look and feel to a space without changing any of the major features. New soft furnishings are particularly effective if you have a neutral color scheme as a base to work with, as it helps them stand out beautifully.

Fresh cushion covers, curtains, bed linen, and throw rugs are all examples of soft furnishings that can help to transform a room. You can adopt the latest trends in color, texture, patterns, and material with ease, and they are inexpensive enough that you can update them on a yearly basis to keep up with emerging trends if you desire.