Five Mistakes To Avoid When You're Decorating A Commercial Office

You shouldn't underestimate the impact that the interior design of an office has on the productivity and profitability of an office space. When you're arranging for the interior decoration of your office, it's always important to handle the task with careful foresight and planning.

The following are five mistakes that it's important to avoid in decorating a commercial office space:

Accidentally hiding good PR items

If you have clients visiting your office space, you definitely want to showcase any items or documents that present a good image of your company. This can include printed news stories or memorabilia from company events that benefited your community.

You can also create good PR with your decor by purchasing recognizable items like furniture and artwork from local businesses and professionals. 

Focusing on clients rather than employees

While it's a good idea to put some emphasis on your clients and their reactions in your office design, you also need to keep the comfort of your employees in mind. 

Making your employees comfortable through proper office design and furnishings can boost your productivity and improve your employee retention. All of these things will benefit your bottom line in the long run. 

Failing to envision the work day when designing

One of the most important things you need to be constantly focusing on while handling interior decor is the work flow around your office space. Your interior design needs to speed up work tasks rather than creating obstacles that will slow them down. 

Think about the tasks your employees are going to be constantly carrying out and the steps they're going to be taking around the workspace. Then, lay out desks and workspaces to make things as convenient as possible for staff members. 

Place office automation equipment like printers and fax machines in close proximity to the employees who will be the most likely to use these equipment pieces on a regular basis.

Not envisioning clutter management

Every office produces paperwork. How you plan for the storage of paperwork is going to be an important part of boosting productivity with interior decor.

An office space becomes disorganized when there is too much clutter on work surfaces. Make sure you calculate the amount of paperwork you'll be producing and incorporate storage features like filing cabinets into your design so that paperwork can be sorted quickly and efficiently. 


It's easy to get carried away when decorating your office space. You should really set a budget and stick with it to avoid letting your spending get out of hand. Contact a company like Robinson Interiors Group to get started today.