Landscape Design Ideas For Waterfront Properties

Having a piece of waterfront property means you have access to swimming, boating, or fishing almost whenever you want it. This type of property also lends itself beautifully to a wide array of landscape design ideas. Here are just a few you might want to consider as you get ready to give your waterfront property a new look:

Stone Retaining Walls

Retaining walls help to prevent erosion on waterfront property, and they can also help to keep flood waters at bay when rivers begin to flood. Stone retaining walls offer the functionality you need along with a beautiful look for your space. Your landscape designer can help you to choose the right colors and types of stones to coordinate with your home and the local geography. You may want to choose a stone with a natural look, or for a more polished look, consider stone pavers in uniform shapes and sizes.

Green Steps

Sometimes, waterfront property comes with a deep slope from your home to the water's edge. To make it easier to access the water, you may be thinking about adding steps to the property. Instead of creating a narrow staircase leading to the water, work with your landscaper to create a graduated set of steps that run the width of your yard. They can be framed with wood or concrete, with the top surface covered in grass or turf. This adds lush greenery to the property while also providing a safer way to walk down the the beach or pier. Consider adding a small staircase in the center with railings to make it easier for children and people with mobility issues to navigate.

Shady Shores

If your property doesn't have a sandy beach for sunbathing and you want to bring some extra shade to the shoreline, work with your landscaper to plant trees along the water's edge. This can provide a vibrant look for your property while helping to keep your yard cool during hot summer months. Be sure to choose trees that can handle growth near the water. Some options to consider include red maple trees and evergreen trees. Have your landscapers work with you to find the proper placement, and schedule regular maintenance to have roots inspected and branches trimmed to keep each tree healthy.

Your landscape designer can map out your property and help you to plan where all of your plants, walkways, trees, and other outdoor items will go. With the right planning, you can create a stunning look for your waterfront property.

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