Tips For Cleaning Your Chandeliers

If you are a homeowner who is lucky enough to have at least one chandelier in your home, there is a good chance that you enjoy the light that it brings to the room. You might have gone out of your way to pick out the perfect chandelier that conveys artistry and really complements your room, only to find that now it is dusty and you have no idea how to clean it to restore its former greatness. Here are some tips for cleaning your chandeliers so that they look as magnificent as the day you purchased them.

1. Always Spray Cleaning Solution Indirectly

First, make sure that you commit to always spraying your cleaning solution on the rag that you are going to use to polish your chandelier, rather than on the chandelier itself. Although the crystal will not be damaged by any cleaning solutions, there is a good chance that they are going to be too abrasive to the other parts of the your chandelier. This could result in the rest of the chandelier potentially being damaged. Spraying the solution on a rag and then using the rag to wipe down the chandelier is a good way to get it clean without damaging it.

2. Don't Dismantle It If You Can Avoid It

If you are able to easily reach your chandelier, consider wiping it down while it is still connected, rather than take everything apart, wipe each piece down separately, and then put it back together. You can do this by getting a ladder and standing on the second last or last step. Put your bucket of cleaning solution, such as a diluted water and vinegar solution, on the top step. Then, reach above your head to carefully start to clean each segment of the chandelier. Make sure that you take the time to get off the ladder and move it whenever you encounter a section that you can't reach.

3. Fix the Hooks

If you do decide to entirely dismantle your chandelier, take the time to fix any of the hanging links that are used to hold the dangling crystals up. This will allow you to make sure that everything is perfectly even and that the links have not become warped over time. You can use pliers to easily work the links back into your desired shape.

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