Three Tips For Choosing The Perfect Picture Frame

Finding the perfect picture for your wall is an exciting discovery, but the wrong frame choice can really detract from the picture's beauty. If you're looking for options to frame a picture for your home, you should understand how to choose a frame that complements the picture without overwhelming it. Here are some things to consider as you shop.

Where Will The Picture Be Going?

The room where the picture will be displayed is an important consideration in the frame choice. If you're putting it into a casual or contemporary recreational space, you'll have more freedom to choose a bold or stylish frame, while a picture that will hang in a home office, formal dining room, or den should be framed with something more subtle and neutral in color. In addition, knowing where you'll hang it allows you to choose a color and style that blends well with the accessories and furnishings around it.

What Kind Of Picture Is it?

The style of the picture will also be a factor. Modern art in strong, bold styles will support bolder shapes and more modern frames while canvas pictures that are softer or more dramatic may benefit from a deep frame style. In addition, you'll want to assess the picture next to a color wheel to help you find the right colors for the frame and the mat. If there's a specific element of the picture that you want to draw attention to, such as a building or flower, you should look at frames that are similar in color so that it draws that color out of the picture.

How Big Do You Want To Go?

One of the fun parts about choosing a frame and mat for your picture is the versatility of choosing any size you want. If you're trying to fill a larger space in a room but chose a smaller picture, consider framing it in an oversized frame so that you can use a large mat. Make sure the mat is a neutral color so that it draws the eye to the picture in the middle, but frame it with a large, bold frame that will really stand out. This turns the picture into a focal point and lets you fill a larger space with a picture of any size.

These are a few of the things that you should be considering as you choose a frame for your picture. Sometimes, it's best to work with a professional framer who can do the work for you and even create a custom frame if necessary.