Need To Sell Your Parents' Old, Outdated House? Budget Renovations That Add A Lot Of Value

If you've inherited your parent's old home and you know you need to put some money into the property to make it updated before you can sell it, make sure that you get the most out of your investments. You can make some changes around the house that are going to add value without forcing you to lose money on the home. Here are some of the materials you want to get quotes for before you start any projects, and so you can set a budget for the remodel.

Tile or Engineered Wood

A lot of people don't like carpeting in the home, especially in the foyer, kitchen and bathrooms. Install ceramic or porcelain tile or engineered wood in the areas where the carpeting is damaged, and where you think it's most suitable in the home. Any of these flooring options make the property look modern, give a great first impression when someone walks into the home, and are high quality and long lasting. These are also very affordable compared to real hardwood or marble tiles.

Solid Surface Countertops

If real natural stone countertops aren't in your budget, and you don't want to put vinyl countertops in the space, look at solid surface options instead. Solid surface options have the following benefits:

  • Look like natural stone
  • Can have beveled or decorative edges
  • Are stain and water resistant
  • Cost less than natural stone
  • Lightweight for older cabinets

These countertops look high end, are easy to clean, and are an eye catching update for the kitchen. Contact a company like Plastic Line Mfg Inc for more information about your options.

New Lighting and Hardware

If there are gold or other outdated hardware pieces around the house, including the light fixtures, this is going to turn buyers away. You can purchase builder packages that have modern light and hardware fixtures in stainless steel or a brushed nickel finish, and these are going to quickly and cheaply update the look of the space.

You can get a lot more money out of the old house if you spend a little money to make modern changes on the inside. When a house is fresh and modern, it's going to appeal to people of all generations that are shopping for a home, and it's going to be easier to get interested buyers from pictures online. Make these changes with some fresh paint and modern decorating to get great results when you put the house on the market.