Use Fabric Scraps And Fusible Web To Create A Design Across Plain Valances

Use fabric scraps and fusible web strips to create a design across plain valances that are hanging over the windows in your bedroom. The following instructions will help you transform the window treatments from ones that were once drab into ones that you consider fab.


  • laundry detergent
  • washing machine
  • ironing board
  • iron
  • fabric scraps
  • stencils
  • fabric pen
  • scissors
  • fusible web
  • sewing pins
  • measuring tape

Launder And Iron The Valances, Prepare Fabric Shapes

Remove the valances from the rods that they are connected to. Launder the window treatments with gentle detergent in a washing machine that is adjusted to a cycle that is appropriate for delicate items. Hang the valances up to dry when finished. Use an iron to lightly press the valances if portions of the fabric are wrinkled. Use a fabric pen to trace stencils onto each piece of fabric that you would like to use to decorate the window treatments. Cut the fabric shapes out with sewing scissors.

Secure The Fabric Shapes To Each Valance

Use a measuring tape to help you line up the fabric shapes evenly across each valance. Create the same pattern with the fabric shapes on each valance so that they have a uniform appearance. Cut a strip or two of fusible web to secure each fabric shape. Place the fusible web pieces directly between the fabric shapes and the valances. Secure the fusible web and fabric shapes to the valances with sewing pins.

Place one of the valances on an ironing board. Adjust an iron to a low setting and press each fabric shape for several seconds. Remove the valance and iron the fabric shapes on the remaining window treatments in the same manner. The steam from the iron will melt the fusible web strips. As a result, the fabric shapes will be permanently secured to the valances. 

Hang Up The Finished Valances And Maintain Them

Secure the valances to the rods that are attached over the each window in your bedroom. The newly decorated valances will complement the furniture and decor in your bedroom. In order to care for the valances and prevent the fabric shapes from coming loose, always launder them with mild detergent and adjust the washing machine to a gentle wash cycle. Once the valances are clean, hang them up to dry. Avoid placing the fabric in a dryer because it could cause the fabric shapes to shrink or come loose from each window treatment.

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